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Motivational 代写speech

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  • Motivational speech
    Dear classmates, I think you are familiar with the Cinderella of the Grimm's fairy tales. But there is another reality version of the Cinderella story, which is my story. I am Adeline Yen Mah. When I was child, I was excluded by my stepmother, but I didn't desperate. I always have a dream which is to get rid of stepmother clutches, get ahead. In these years combating with my stepmother, I had discouraged and frustrated, however, my aunt always encouraged me, and silently support me. Finally, in my efforts, I got doctor's degree in medicine, university of London in the UK, then, moved to the United States California in 1964. After “falling leaves” my autobiographical novel was published, I had become the world's most popular Chinese writer
    It’s not easy for me to get today's achievement. Those painful experiences let me writing connotation plump, and touch so many people's hearts. The painful experiences just make me have the motivation of writing autobiography, also provide enough material for me writing an autobiography. Dear classmates, today frustration does not mean failure, it may mean that the glory of tomorrow. Because on some days, when we realize our dreams, we will find the bumpy of today is a glory for us. Classmates, painful experience couldn’t be avoided in our lives, it was these experiences that make our life perfect. If there aren’t these failures and pain in our life, we also don't know what is successful and joy. A painful situation is not terrible, terrible thing is that we have no enough confidence and courage to overcome failure. So what tool is we overcome difficulties? It is a dream, because dreams give us hope, let us have full hope for success. As me, the dream of living a free life holds up me undergo those tough years.
    The classmates, every river has its own different life curve, but every river has the common dream, rushing to the sea. So no matter how many twists and turns the rivers are, how many obstacles the rivers break through, but at the end they all came into the sea. I hope everyone can make our own lives flow into the end of dreams, like a river flowing to the end of their dream. But it’s not to say that we can overcome these difficulties if we want to. There is actually a kind of spirit, there is no doubt that this is the spirit of water. Our lives sometimes will be sediment, although we have along with the water flow, our personality defects or facing the difficult setback, we probably will down slowly like sediment precipitation. Once we settling down, maybe we don't strive to fulfill our dreams. At the same time, we can never see the sunshine. So I suggest that everyone, no matter what is the life today, must have the spirit of water. We should save ourselves constantly, and break through barriers continuously. Then, someday when the opportunities come, we will come to the end of our dreams, and make our lives more meaningful.