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minor assignment Market.xl代写

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  • This assignment requires a considerable amount of computer work and written comment. You may need to seek guidance from your tutor along the way. Do not leave things until too late. Each question carefully describes what you are required to do, so please follow these carefully.
    In this minor assignment you will examine data from afruit and vegetable marketthat supplies fresh produce to supermarket outlets in NSW and Victoria.The market is conducting an evaluation of sales and price of produce. Initially, it is particularly interested in a comparison of Price per kilogram (Price$/kg) across the type of produce. Further comparisons will be explored in the major assignment.
    The data collected is contained in a file called ‘Market.xls’and the columns of the file contain the following information:





    ID Number

    Customer Number












    1= Summer

    2= Winter



    1= Apple

    2= Orange
    3= Potato
    4= Tomato


    Quantity sold (t/day)

    Tonnes sold per day



    Price in dollars per kilogram


    % of produce damage

    Percentage of produce damaged

    Before you begin any analysis you must take a random sample of 200customers from the 335 provided in the file Market.xls.Use the Random Sample Generator, imbedded in this file, to do this.  Your answers to the assignment tasks below are to be based on your sample of 200 customers. Make sure you keep a safe copy of your sample, since you cannot use Random Sample Generator to reproduce the first sample, and we will use it again in the major assignment.
    To prepare your data file ready for analysis, you must take the following steps:
    1. Use the file Sample Generator in the data file Market.xlsto generate a random sample of 200 customers from the file.
    2. Copy your sample file to another spreadsheet for working on your assignment and save it with another file name. Remember to save another copy of your sample under a different name as a backup.
    Assignment Tasks
    For each task below, you must submit all of the required printouts, graphs, tables and summaries required.
    NB:Each graph and table should have a heading and each axis should have a label!
    1.      Introduction and Variable List:Give a brief introduction to your report; and, using the variables listed in the table on the first page,state whether the variable is qualitative or quantitative. If it is quantitative state whether it is discrete or continuous.
    NB: remember that just because data for a variable is numerical does not mean that it is quantitative!                                              [2 marks]
    2.      Data: Provide a printout of the data in your sample, sorted in ascending order based on customer number. [1 mark]
    3.      Graph/Chart: Create an appropriate graph or chart for the variable ‘Produce’. Justify your choice and what it shows.                               [3 marks]
    4.      Descriptive Statistics and graphs: Obtain some basic descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation etc) as well as a histogram and a boxplot of thePrice$/kg. Briefly describe:
    1. the shape ofthe distribution of Price$/kg and;
    2. the best measure of central location and spread (justify your choices).          [6 marks]
    5.      Comparative Statistics and graphs: Obtain comparative summary statistics (mean, median, standard deviationsetc) and an EXCEL pivot table,for the Price$/kg for eachtype ofproduce.
    Produce a side-by-side boxplot that visually depicts the relationship between the type of produceand Price$/kg. Comment upon any differences or other points of interest you observe from the boxplots and summary statistics.                                     [6 marks]
    6.      Conclusion:Using the information obtained for your analyses, write a short conclusion about what you found about the relationship between Price$/kg andProduce.
    [2 marks]