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    Session Preparation Assignment (SPA) #2
    DUE:  11.00pm Sunday 21 April  2013 (end of Wk 7)

    Estimated (max.) time required:  100 - 120 minutes (about 1½ - 2 hours)
    Read Chapter 7, Study Guide (‘Budget for the Short-Term’).
    Read it like you would a novel or any book, actively seeking to engage with the author and to understand what you are reading.  What is the author trying to say?  Let the author take you on a journey: go with him (the author is me…) and see what you think of some of the key ideas and concepts being discussed.
    And while you do this, note on a piece of paper or on your copy of Chapter 7 key concepts that occur to you.  That’s right; just write them down as you go along.  Also, include any questions that occur to you as you are reading.  What do you find confusing, difficult to understand or believe, boring, exciting or surprising?  Then include a summary of your key concepts and questions (KCQs) in your SPA#2.
    Your personal engagement with the reading is what I am interested in.  Do not summarise the readings.  I will say it again, do not summarise the readings.  I am interested in your reactions, understanding, and questions from the readings.  I know what the reading says, as I wrote it.  So simply giving me a summary of each reading will not be telling me anything I do not already know.
    Use the words “I” and “me” in your SPA#2.  Different people will have different reactions to the readings.  Tell me what your reactions actually are.  This is what I am interested in.  Do not tell me what you think I might want to hear.  Be genuine and honest in your reactions to the readings.  Give me something of yourself in your SPA#2.
    Please submit your SPA#2 as a Word document.
    Please allow 100 - 120 minutes to complete your SPA#2.