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strategies improving leadership skills代写

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  • A report on the strategies for improving the leadership skills
    Table of content
    Executive summary. 1
    1. Introduction. 2
    2. Analysis and discussion. 2
    2.1. Leadership profile. 2
    2.2. Analysis of Strengths and weaknesses. 3
    2.3. Action to reduce the gaps now and future. 5
    2.4. Industry expert comment. 6
    3. Conclusions. 7
    References. 7

    Executive summary

    The main aim of this report is to propose strategies for improving my leadership skills. In order to achieve this aim, the leadership profile has been presented firstly. In addition, the weaknesses and strengths of my leadership have been evaluated. Thirdly, the action plan to improve the leadership skills in following three years has been presented. 
    The main findings of this report are listed as follows.
    l  My weaknesses include poor creativity and innovation, poor stress management, poor forecasting ability, and poor communicating skills and my strengths, including the enterprising feature, social ethics and responsibility, task management, managing changes, and learning abilities.
    l  The threats from the weaknesses to my leadership are serious and should be solved.
    l  In the view of the expert, to improve the effectiveness of the action plan, more contents relating with the practice should be taken into consideration. Of course, the expert agrees that the action plan designed above could improve the leadership and reduce the gaps now and future.

    1. Introduction

    The weaknesses existing in the personal leadership might negatively impact the personal development. In order to improve the leadership of mine, this report will be conducted. The leadership profile has been presented firstly. In addition, the weaknesses and strengths of my leadership have been evaluated. Thirdly, the action plan to improve the leadership skills in following three years has been presented.

    2. Analysis and discussion

    2.1. Leadership profile

    Depending on the leadership assessment report, the ten leadership weaknesses of mine include Adaptability, Creative Problem Solving, Developing External Contacts, Public Speaking, Taking Charge, Active Listening, Challenging the Status, Communicating Outside the Organization, Critical Thinking, and Engaging in Non-Work Interests. My ten top strengths include Self Awareness, Self Control, Servant Leadership, Social Perceptiveness, Strategic Task Management, Task-Relevant Knowledge, Technological Savvy, Valuing Diversity, Work Ethics, and Work-Place Ethics.
    The scores in Broad Competency Dimensions and Facet are presented in Table 1.
    Table 1. The scores in Broad Competency Dimensions and Facet
    Competency Dimensions and Facet Scores
    Self Management 3.93
    Work Habits 4.4
    Work Attitudes 3.8
    Stress Management 3.2
    Self Insight 4
    Learning 4.25
    Leading Others 4.09
    Communicating 3.17
    Interpersonal Awareness 3.8
    Motivating Others 3.8
    Developing Others 5
    Influencing 4.67
    Task Management 4.29
    Executing Tasks 4.5
    Solving Problems 4.2
    Managing Information and Material Resources 3.75
    Managing Human Resources 4.5
    Enhancing Performance 4.5
    Innovation 3.87
    Creativity 2.75
    Enterprising 4.6
    Integrating Perspectives 4.5
    Forecasting 3.5
    Managing Change 4
    Social Responsibility 4.67
    Civic Responsibility 4.33
    Social Knowledge 4.67
    Ethical Processes 4.75
    Leading Others Ethically 5
    Acting with Integrity 4.6
    The scores of Self Management are 3.93, the scores of Leading Others are 4.09, the scores of Task Management are 4.29, the scores of Innovation are 3.87, and the sores of Social Responsibility are 4.67. Of course, in the sub sections, the scores are different with each other as well.

    2.2. Analysis of Strengths and weaknesses

    This leadership profile indicates that in the leading position I could lead others, solve the problems in the workplace effectively, and own high social and civic responsibility. However, my creativity, innovation, and abilities to manage and control myself are relatively weak. The leadership profile listed above shows that there are both strengths and weaknesses in my leadership. All these strengths and weaknesses could impact my leadership significantly.  
    l  Impacts of the strengths
    In the first place, my social responsibility is relatively high. In this way I would lead the subordinates ethically and improve the ethical processes. Under my influence, the subordinates would focus on the ethics in the workplace. In this way, the ethics of the whole organization would be improved. The research conducted by Dewettinck and Remue (2011) shows that the excellent corporate ethics could reduce the conflicts between the employees and improve the working efficiency of the whole enterprise. Therefore, my social responsibility could improve the leadership. In addition, I own great social management, with the professional knowledge, I could execute tasks, solve the problems in the leadership effectively. Obviously, the great social management could improve the efficiency in the leadership and management. Thirdly, my scores in the enterprising are remarkably high. This fact owns close relation with my personal features. I own great ambitions and hope to have great performance in the workplace. The enterprising feature would lead me to arrange my work scientifically and encourage my subordinates to work hard in the workplace. Especially, in some urgent situations, my hardworking would improve the subordinates’ passion for work and then positively impact the efficiency of the department and even the whole organization. Fourthly, my ability of leading other is so excellent since I worked as the monitor in the high school and I know how to balance the relation with other people. With this strength, I could promote the cooperation between the individuals and departments in the workplace and balance the relation between them. In this way, my leadership could be improved to some extent (Smale, Björkman, & Sumelius, 2013). Fifthly, my ability to deal with the changes in the environment is not weak. With this ability, I could discover the changes in the internal management and the environment. Accordingly, effective measures could be taken by me to reduce the threats from these changes and master the opportunities brought by the changes in the environment. Sixthly, my scores in the self insight are relatively high. The score indicates that I could evaluate and judge myself effectively and scientifically in the job. For instance, I could find my weaknesses and strengths timely and try to avoid the negative impacts of the weaknesses in personal features and abilities. Finally, my great learning ability is another important strength. The research conducted by Sandelin (2008) shows that the changes in the business environment are fast and the leaders should continually learn the new knowledge to improve their abilities to deal with the new problems and new challenges. In summary, my strengths, including the enterprising feature, social ethics and responsibility, task management, managing changes, and learning abilities, are favorable to my leadership.   
    l  Impacts of the weaknesses
    In the first place, the leadership profile shows that my innovation and creativity is not so excellent. This weakness would seriously threaten my performance in the leadership. As one leader, I might meet some difficulties and problems in the workplace. In order to solve these problems effectively, sometimes, the creativity is extremely important. However, my scores in the creativity and innovation are no so high. As a result, my ability to solve some hard problems and difficulties would be negatively impacted. In fact, this weakness has close relation with the traditional education model in which the students are required to learn the authorized knowledge, rather than questioning the knowledge in the textbook. In addition, my forecasting ability is not very excellent (Festing & Eidems, 2011). This weakness might lead me to make some wrong decisions in the workplace since I might predict the future inaccurately. Accordingly, in the process of designing the plans and direct the subordinates to work, some mistakes might happen. As a result, my performance in the leadership would be negatively impacted. Thirdly, my stress management is not so good since in the past I did not face many difficulties. This weakness would threaten my performance and working ability in the urgent situations. For instance, when the business environment changes significantly or some serious conflicts happen in the organization, I might not propose effective measures to deal with the urgent situations and problems. Accordingly, the operation of department or even the whole enterprise