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    Trimester One 2013
    Assignment 1
    Description: Academic essay (2500 words)
    Due: 3:00pm – 19th April
    Wewei will post details of a hand-in box on Bb closer to the
    Assesses learning
    Value: 20% of final course mark
    Stakeholder management is a recognised and important component of project management
    practice. However, many practitioners still struggle to understand what it is they are actually
    supposed to be doing with the stakeholders of their project. It is easy to say things like “keep
    them informed” and “take into account how they are behaving” but what does this really
    Your challenge is to write an informative essay aimed at the non-academic professional
    project management practitioner explaining the importance of stakeholder management in IS
    To do this you will need to:
    a) Review the key stakeholder literature such as the seminal work: Toward a Theory of
    Stakeholder Identification and Salience: Defining the Principle of Who and What
    Really Counts, by Ronald K. Mitchell, Bradley R. Agle and Donna J. Wood (The
    Academy of Management Review, 22.4. 1997). But you will need to go beyond that
    work and review what is currently going on in stakeholder theory.
    b) Next you will need to compare and contrast several of the options you have identified
    in part a). This will provide alternative approaches for managing and understanding
    stakeholders’ interests and behaviours.
    c) Finally, you will need to recommend and justify an approach to managing the
    stakeholder dynamics in an IS development project. You will need to go beyond just
    saying “create and update the stakeholder register”.
    Format: Academic Essay.
    2500 words (maximum, this is not a target
    You should present your ideas in the form of a logical, informative, and coherent discussion. The usual format for this type of paper is: review the extant literature, present some contrasting examples, offer and opinion or argument favouring a best practice, summarize your point and offer a conclusion.
    Where necessary, you should provide authoritative support in the form of correct referencing. In text APA style is expected as the faculty standard. Limited use of footnotes is also fine, especially for clarifying technical material and terms.
    You should assume your audience is intelligent but not trained in information systems topics. Use clear language that takes the reader with you. Tip. I use my family doctor as an example; she can explain complex medical topics to me without confusing me, and so I should be able to explain information systems topics to her in clear language without insulting her intelligence.
    You should seek multiple sources of information. For example, if you find an interesting point in Wikipedia you should check its authority and understand the biases that may influence its author. Relying solely on Wikipedia (or any other encyclopaedia for that matter) is not regarded as good scholarship. Highly ranked peer reviewed sources have much more academic credibility.
    You are writing an essay that displays your critical thinking skills, not doing a piece of journalism. You will need to understand the ideas and make sure your discussion flows sensibly from one idea to the next and leads to a logical conclusion. Make sure you show how your own thinking has developed and what you think is important comes through in your text.
    It is OK to have an opinion, it is even encouraged! When you express your opinion, show the reader how you formed that opinion and explain why they should agree with you. I don’t have to agree with you to give you marks, but I do need to be able to follow your argument.
    Please, get someone else to proof read your work for flow of ideas, they don’t have to know the subject matter and should find that your paper explains what they need to know to see your point.
    To help us with marking, please include a cover sheet with your essay that has the following:
     Your name (that matches your enrolment)
     Your Student ID number
     Your tutorial time and day
    Journal list
    European Journal of Information Systems
    Information Systems Journal
    Information Systems Research
    Journal of Information Technology
    Journal of Management Information Systems
    Journal of Strategic Information Systems
    Journal of the Association for Information Systems
    MIS Quarterly
    These will help you from an IS perspective but you may also want to do searches in other disciplines such as management.
    Hope that helps,