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  •      Business member's communication and customer's remaining
    The essay mainly gives the information that George and Marika's gym will be intended to expand into two areas--health supplements and children's fitness, and this new business merger plan is hold by four people, Joy and Bruce included. It is so called 4U plan. Sumitra, a business consultant,puts forward a series of risks and suggestions in order to determine the feasibility of the new business. The target is to find connection in original businesses and this new entity so as to maintain the old clients and develop new clients. The project schedule detail is divided into seven phases, including plan, action, negotiation, consideration, communication, branding and launch. It is surely that something else can be added to this plan. The essay will firstly discuss the additional issues George and Marika should consider before deciding whether to set up this new business. Following this, it will give opinions of solutions to maximise success in the project by using meaningful criteria and factors. Finally, it will combine the theories with George and Marika's business program.
    Find ways to take in clients and consider the conflicts since the new entity starts.
    People are now living in the age of the customer and need to flip the funnel. In George and Marika's case, the new entity is to be built so that the customers' remaining and developing problem is of a great significance. After all, the new expansion adds to health supplements and children's fitness clubs. The problem is that they need to find ways to use existing customers to gain new customers, for the reason that Joy and Bruce's children are obviously not enough for the running of the new entity.
    The business is full of plenty of great information, through every step of the process of establishing a gym from purchasing an existing business. In fact, the first step is to managing of getting the gym off the ground, which can be used to any business. It may take you through everything that you need to make your new gym business to be successful. It contains choosing the appropriate with high quality of machines, good services to offer, training staff and also promoting your business to be attractive for customers.
    Marketing is no longer about sealing off the message but listening to and making use of existing customers to transmit their brand(Joseph Jaffe,2010). The boss should develop new products, maintain and improve the brand's image and reputation, and set up marketing s trategies and communication plans to generate, maintain and increase existing business. George and Marika are in charge of marketing plans and coordinating every steps of marketing plans, preparing budgets and time frames. Also, writing marketing and promotional briefs,monitoring the progress and writing marketing strategies. Integrated marketing communication with consumers from the emphasis the nature of the meaning of promotional and marketing activity carried out, that would be advertising, public relations, direct marketing and other promotional portfolio organically instrument to facilitate the greatest degree of consumer awareness.
    George is impatient, but Marika is converse. When running the new entity, George takes the profit into consideration, however, Marika takes potential risk into consideration first, which can be the problem in handling financial options. In addition, Joy and Bruce's joining intenses the conflicts while dealing with operation style. The uprising problem is to have a balanced view between profits and risks. When the conflict is about to occur, the negotiation should be held for four people. During that time, each can point out his or her own SWOT analysis and persuade other three. And then, four together decide whether to take a risk or to be conservative. Apart from their knowledge about business and acceptance of the target,project team member should have clear communication channels to get to the best (Litsikakis Dimitrios,2009).
    Solutions to maximise success in the project
    Learning to relieve pressures with practical advice is one of the most important lifestyle for modern people. With new business environment of 21st-century, stress has become an indispensable part of life. Now is the time for people to make some changes. Maximizing success and minimizing stress are a personal development objectives which is aimed at millions of stressed management who need practical, effective ways for dealing with the pressures in their careers. How to release pressure in daily life and how to avoid energy fatigue are the issues should be taken into consideration.
                  The three steps to success are as follows. Firstly, setting up how much financing that you may need in your business and making sure the most appropriate sources of finance, which may include investment on your own to bank loans and so on. Second,  developing an effectively business with appropritate marketing plan to appeal to new customers and futher expansion. Finally, for most new start-up businesses, it is hard to increase sales at the beginning. It is better to find out the best promotion to boost your success.
                  Most businesses will never develop their full potential, because they do not havet the enough qualified leaders to run their busineses; they cannot turn the potential customers into their fied customers and loyal customer; they may let their current customers go away to do business with their competitors; they also cost too much time and money on ineffective advertising and promotion programs. Therefore, the key factors of any business are its ability to effectively sell its products and services to their current and potential customers. It is nothing to do with business owners and managers not trying to be successful. Actually, they want to be successful but the problem is that most of them being aware of what they want from their business, but few know how to get it.
    From Litsikakis's opinion, the project manager, the project team, the project itself, the organization and its external environment may be the most important factors to success. The skills for manager are communication, responsiveness, process, results, operational and realism. The project team members should communicate, and this dual reporting is a key factor of project(PMBOK Guide,2004). The project itself should be acted according to the situation(Evans,2005). The organization should be supported by the manager.(Torp,Austeng&Mengesha,2004). What is more importantly, the external environment may worsen the original project when a better project establish by another organization.
    Theories and George and Marika's business program
    As for the stress, George and Marika should lighten their pressure to the new entity because whether successful or not, it is a experimental expansion. Each member's responsibility is to having good evaluation and investigation, to give useful information and action, to having an opposite attitude toward any circumstances. For them, the market share is important. Obviously,the customer remaining is also of great importance. A VIP card for the new entity is an effective way to increase sales. In another way, a VIP card for the original gyms also provide profits if the card says 10 times in the original gyms makes one free entrance card for the new one. Thus,the old customers will do more exercises in the gyms and have an opportunity in the fitness gym. It is probably they have interests in it and also buy a VIP card there.
    The staff can help customers to design gym plans, fully use the gym facilities, and they need to be aware of what it takes to start a gym business. In the fitness gym, the dynamic project are: Coed fitness centers, Kids exercise clubs, Personal training exercise studios, Apartment complex gym setup, Ladies only fitness centers,  Corporate employee fitness Centers, Country club fitness centers, Hospital medical fitness center facilities, hotel resort health clubs, School or College fitness centers and so on. These provide multiple choice for customers' various needs.
    At Litsikaki's view, the manager's ability to communication and predicting the results leads to a successful business.Under the direction of Sumitra, each process is in detail.The new entity is in the original gym makes customer convenient to choose from either of them,and a VIP card helps harden the relationship.In terms of the members, they should communicate and negotiate when a new problem arises.The talking atmosphere is usually relaxed and comfortable,do not need to be serious and hostile. In this business, the external environment has little influence. However, one point should be noticed is that the size of some sports equipment should be small to adapt to the children.
    Running a gym is profitable when it becoms successful. Before that, it can be very difficult at the beginning, and it is hard to find out where to start. Gym specific information, includes such as getting the right equipment, staff requirements, amenities, and extra money making opportunities, such as fees for personal trainers, clothing sales, and supplements. It is known to all that a business is not a business without marketing, and this goes to cooperate with local businesses. In gym marketing, other business is related to many other types of services, such as classification of membership plans, gym specific teaching courses and gym softwares for club management and bookkeeping. In a word, starting a gym can be a lot of very complicated work. So before the merger of gym business, it should be cautious for every steps.
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