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Background, Problem/Purpose or Opportunity,代写

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    Marking Area
    Excellent Satisfactory Needs working on
    Includes: Background,  Problem/Purpose or Opportunity,
    ·   The purpose of the report is clearly stated and well presented.
    ·   The introduction provides the reader with a clear framework for reading the rest of the report.
    ·   The purpose of the report is present, but could be made clearer or better presented.
    ·   Choice of relevant areas included in the introduction is reasonable, but could be better (either more detailed or less detailed).
    ·   The purpose of the report is not clearly introduced.
    ·   Choice of relevant areas included in the introduction is illogical or lacking.
    Includes analysis of profitability and popularity of each apartment, discussion of other issues to consider as per assignment criteria
    ·  Complete, rich and full development of content which clearly supports the report’s purpose.
    ·  Demonstrates a clear, logical progression of ideas, which are clearly explained and supported by evidence generated by the spreadsheet and externally sourced.
    ·  Average development of content.
    ·  Some evidence that there was adequate analysis and /or external research performed to support the report’s purpose.
    ·  Adequate logical progression of ideas.
    ·  Minimal or no analysis and research performed to support the report’s purpose.
    ·  Poor logic.  Minimal or no support of content by data.
    Supporting materials eg: table(s), chart(s), excel spreadsheet ·  Effective  use of supporting materials.  Appropriately labeled, and referred to in the text.  Clearly adds to the audience’s understanding. ·   Support material(s) are relevant but either not well explained, or not satisfactorily connected to the content in the report text, or inconsistently provided. ·  Supporting detail(s) and/or visual   (s )are missing, irrelevant, inaccurate or inappropriate.
    Conclusions Accurate and relevant conclusions have been drawn, and applied in in an insightful way Some conclusions that are accurate and relevant have been drawn from the analysis Little or no attempt to draw conclusions / or conclusions are irrelevant or inaccurate.
    Recommendations are realistic, achievable, and specific. Action plan may be presented as well.
    ·   Recommendations are actionable, display clear logic and are wholly consistent with the content of the rest of the report.
    ·   Recommendations are clearly linked to the problem(s) and opportunity(ies
    ·   The recommendations are adequate in logic flowing from or based on the body of the paper
    ·   Recommendations are adequately linked to problem(s) or opportunity(ies), but the reader has to make some assumptions to link them.
    ·  The recommendations do  not flow logically from the body of the paper
    ·   Recommendations are not clearly linked to problem(s) or opportunity(ies)
    Report Writing Style, Structure and English:
    Includes sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and tone.
    ·   Sentences flow extremely well, ideas are clearly expressed.
    ·   Tone and word choice adds to quality of the writing and enhances overall meaning.
    ·   Writing is error free or nearly error free
    ·   Overall, most sentences clearly express ideas
    ·   Tone and word choice are appropriate for the intended audience.
    ·   Contains a few insignificant errors that don’t interfere with comprehension or distract from the message
    ·   Sentences are awkward.  Ideas are not expressed well.
    ·   Tone and word choice are inappropriate for intended audience.
    ·   Writing contains numerous and/or significant errors which interfere with comprehension and distract from the message.
    Includes Title page, contents page, page numbering, headers, footers, etc
    ·   Document is extremely neat and professional looking. Everything formatted correctly.  The reader (i.e., coworker, client, CEO) of this document would view it as extremely professional. ·   Document is reasonably neat and professional looking with only a few minor formatting or convention problems
    ·   Poor presentation.  The reader (i.e. instructor, coworker, client, CEO) of this document would view this formatting as unprofessional.