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ISYS2427/3314 Business Computing代写

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  • ISYS2427/3314 Business Computing
    Total Marks 20 – 10%
    Due Date: Second Session of Week startingApril15
    Case Study
    Shana Milestone is the owner/manager of “Seaview Apartments” a small apartment complex situated 300 metres from the beach in Rye, a beachside town on the Mornington Peninsula.  She owns four apartments (a deluxe studio apartment, a one bedroom, a one bedroom deluxe and a two bedroom).  Apartments are fully self-contained. Shana advertises in local newspapers and takes bookings over the phone and by email.  She has several regular customers, including a number of local residents who frequently book accommodation for friends who are visiting the area.
    The apartments are rented out according to a set nightly rate.  The rate changes according to the particular apartment being rented.  If a customer rents an apartment for longer than six days then all days are charged at a 15% discounted rate.
    Until now, Shana has recorded details about bookings manually. She records the bookings in the order in which they are received. However, she recognises that there is a lot of valuable information in the booking records that could be used to run her business more effectively.  Using a paper based system she found it difficult to process data and hence found that she was lacking the information needed to assist her make informed business decisions.
    To help overcome this problem Shana has had developed for her a simple spreadsheet model aimed at providing her with the ability to compare the profitability and popularity of each of her apartments. It can also be used as an analysis tool to conduct a ‘what if’ analysis. 
    Shana hasasked you to use the spreadsheet model to conduct an analysis of the profitability and popularity of each of her apartments and report your findings in a business report.  She is concerned that her current properties are not being used to maximum capacity and is hoping that, after analysing the data you will be able to make some worthwhile recommendations that may increase her overall profitability.  In addition to analysing the spreadsheet you will need to conduct some research to assist you in developing ideas to improve her profit.
    The analysis, findings and recommendations which you prepare for Shana should be outlined in a professional business report.
    Thisreport should include:
    §  A Title Page –With an appropriate graphic, report title and student name / number.   In smaller print at the bottom of the page you should also provide your contact phone number, the course name (Business Computing), course number (ISYS2427/3314), your grouptime and your tutors’ names.
    §  A table of contents generated by the word processorDefault settings should not be altered.
    §  At least one appendix, incorporating a correctly labelled pivot table and/or chart.  This appendix must be used to support your report analysis and must be correctly referenced in the body of the report.
    Report Format
    The report should be presented following the guidelines described in workshop activity 3 ‘Business Communications’.  Specifically you should:
    §  Use Times New Roman 12 pitch point font, with a minimum of 1.5 line spacing.
    §  Align text using full justification.
    §  Include a header with a suitably formatted title (must not appear on the title page)
    §  Include a footer with your name, id number and page number  (following the guidelines described in activity 3 when numbering your pages)
    Body of the Report
    The body of this report must be at least three but no more than four pages long.  Subheadings should be used throughout.  You must ensure that it is grammatically correct with no spelling errors.Follow the guidelines described in workshop activity 4 ‘Business Communications’ when preparing the outline of your report.
    Your business report should:
    §  Describe the background and clearly outline the purpose of the report
    §  Analyse the spreadsheet findings, and identify and discuss the issues (arising from both the spreadsheet and any other relevant information that Shana has provided you with).  You will need to conduct some additional research.
    §  Provide a short summary of the content of the report
    §  Include at least three clear recommendations that Shana can adopt. 
    Issues to consider
    §  Analysing the data
    o   Which apartment is the least/most profitable?  Is the profit level high/low?  Explain your reasoning. Is the nightly rate comparable to other properties in the area?  How might this effect profitability?
    o   Which apartment is the least/most popular? Are apartments being utilised to maximum potential?  If not, why not?
    o   Are there other factors which need to be considered when assessing the profitability of the cottage rentals?
    §  Other Issues to consider
    o   Each apartment has a set nightly rate for the entire year.  Is this common practice throughout the industry?  How might this be affecting Shana’s profits?
    o   Would the 3 night minimum rule have any effect on Shana’s profitability?  Discuss
    o   Would Shana’s advertising methods be likely to have any effect on her profit?  Should Shana be expanding her advertising?  How?
    o   Consider marketing ideas that might assist Shana increase profitability?
    Submission requirements
    ·         This assignment must be submitted to the electronic drop box via the turnitin link. (My RMIT –ISYS2427/3314 – Assessment – SpreadsheetAssessment – Turnitin.)
    ·         You must also submit a hard copy of the report to your teacher by the end of the second session
    NOTE:  RMIT website has a list of  frequently asked questions regarding turnitin.  Follow the link below or Google – Student FAQ on turnitin - RMIT