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-Adidas Golf Company (TMaG) 代写

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    *TaylorMade incorporated in 1979 by Gary Adams located in McHenry, Illinois.
    *TaylorMade was independently owned until 1984, when Salomon S.A. acquired the company.
    *In 1997, Taylor Made was acquired by Adidas, AG and became part of the worldwide Adidas sporting family. The company has continued to grow and prosper and is still one of the most respected names in golf. 
     We will strive to represent our clients with the utmost integrity while consistently exceeding their expectations.
    Located in a high level of golf consumers .
    suitable for high-end business of decent people, elite groups of need.
    Focus on variety of products and fine quality and offer the most thoughtful and all-round service.

    *Marketing Strategy
    lIncrease Sales : Taylor Made Marketing instructs and develops a skilled sales force from the ground up to be cross trained in seminars, clients’ brands and services, as well as hands on experiences.
    lMarket Coverage: As the client base grows and profitability for clients increase, we continue to expand
    lCustomer Service: to build personal relationships with our customer base. Taylor Made get to know customers on a personal level, address any concerns, answer all questions and building genuine interest in their needs.
    *Marketing Strategy
    lResults Driven: At Taylor Made Marketing can provide a friendly face and a firm handshake on behalf of our clients.
    lBuilding and Protecting Brand Names: Operating with the utmost integrity is a value that Taylor Made Marketing prides itself in.
    *How to develop market
    Taylor Made Marketing is committed to becoming the largest consulting firm in the United States. This simple, direct goal enriched by their innovative marketing approach has allowed Taylor Made Marketing to become a top leader in the marketing industry today.

    *How to develop market
     Taylor made Marketing provide the client with the knowledge and reassurance of previous experience which can be applied to a variety of industries to identify, develop and solve marketing related problems.
    For example:
    l the growing of existing markets,
    l defining new markets,
    lrecognizing competitors and their strategies,
    ldeveloping pricing strategies consistent with the market place crafting brand plans together with communication strategies to fulfill the brand's core objectives.
    *How to develop market

    Taylor made specialize in marketing strategy and planning, brand development, new product development and brand management. Every project is tailored to fit the client’s needs and managed to exceed expectation.
    *Company Structure
    It combines three of golf’s most well-known brands:
    ladidas Golf
    l Ashworth.

    *positive reflection of our people-first culture
    *Employees of  Taylor Made  are greatest asset in the company and we live this daily in the way we hire, train, mentor, advance, retain and care for the employees.
    *Employees have the ability to take on different roles outside their current work, such as mentoring, continue to learn through on-going training as well as becoming involved with industry organizations.

    *Incentive Policy
    Taylor Made provides the great training  and many benefits
    lPerformance based Promotions
    lWeekly Bonuses
    lPaid Training
    l Travel Opportunities
    lPersonal And Professional Growth
    lMedical & Dental Coverage
    lRetirement & Savings Plan 
    *Incentive Policy
     At Taylor Made Marketing we believe that everyone should constantly be learning and developing themselves. We offer constant training and development in leadership, public speaking, and management. Our staff is also trained in the human resource aspects of our firm as well enhancing their interviewing and recruiting skills.
    *Taylor Made to become a top leader in the  golf marketing industry